Strengthening Families Programme

The Strengthening Families Programme is a 14 week family skills programme for the entire family. It is is designed to give parents and their children the opportunity to learn new, healthy skills that create positive relationships within families

Information for Families

Strengthening Families programme is a 14 session course designed to help parents and teens build new positive relationships. All groups...

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Information for Referrers

  Strengthening Families Programme (SFP 12-16 yrs) is a 14 session family skills training programme for families developed by Dr....

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Information for Steering Committees

The SFP Steering Committee The first step in planning a Strengthening Families Programme in an area is to form a...

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SPF Evaluation

Lutra Group carry out an evaluation of the SFP programme for a cost. The following documents should be completed if...

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